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Save my cat Debby

€ 1.375 van € 1.500 opgehaald
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My cat-Debby, whom me and my boyfriend adopted to our home in Amsterdam from Ukraine during the war, has been found a rare fatal disease - FIP. It's a fatal feline infection that is transmitted cats by cats, a mutation of feline coronavirus (that most of the cats have, but don't develop a further mutation. Don't mistake with Covid-19) that is a result of stressful events she's had in the past months during the war in Ukraine and further stressful transportation to the Netherlands with a bunch of other cats. One month or less average life expectancy after diagnosis is a fact without any treatment. 

Me and my boyfriend, both conservatory students in our early twenties,  do not have enough means for sustaining her life and therefore we decided to start this crowdfunding campaign. The overall costs for her treatment exceed €1500. 

By your request, we are ready to provide you with her x-ray with found fluid in her thorax and blood results. The initial FIP test result comes within a week after 17/06/2022, we will be ready to share that when we have it. Since it's a highly dangerous and fatal disease, 1-month or less average life expectancy after diagnosis, we decided to act quickly and get money for her treatment as fast as possible.  

You can read about the disease, treatment here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feline_infectious_peritonitis. 

We dearly thank you and appreciate your contribution towards saving this beautiful and the most amazing cat, our lovely Debby!

Update 1 (17.06.2022): Joyce Hofman hospital appointment, blood tests, FIP test, drainage, therapy - €467.

Update 2 (18.06.2022): Received first part of FIP treatment. 

Update 3 (19.06.2022): Visit to the emergency centre due to breathing problems. Oxygen camera for half a day. Extracted 80 ml of fluid from both sides of her lungs. Got new medicine and first injection for FIP treatment - €412.

Update 4 (20.06.2022): Visit to the vet clinic. Extracted 100 ml of fluid. Got second injection - €62.

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Diana Dzhabbar
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17 June 2022
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